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Say hello to a more youthful you. Let your inner radiance sparkle with every sip of Charmlee Youth; a unique blend of organic herbal medicinals crafted to promote collagen production and radiant skin. Strengthen cognitive function and overall vitality. Feel – and look – young, wild, and free, with Charmlee Youth.

Taste YOUTH, a vibrant mix of grapefruit and apple with a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt while star ingredients amla, reishi and astaxanthin revitalize and rejuvenate your skin from the inside-out with an added unique radiant skin blend of zinc, silica and vitamin D3.

*Separation is natural, gently stir the can, serve chilled & enjoy!



+ Reishi: queen healer mushroom, helps feed the brain to optimize cognition, and support overall longevity

+ Amla: rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, promote collagen production, brighten complexion, and strengthen immune function

+ Astaxanthin: protect against UV rays, help fight fine lines, and improve skin elasticity

+ Vitamin D3: support mood, memory, and focus while strengthening immune function and optimizing cognition

+ Zinc: promote the growth of cells while building proteins and increasing immunity

+ Silica: known as the beauty mineral supporting hair, skin, and nail growth by aiding in collagen production


Carbonated Filtered Water, Organic Grapefruit Juice Concentrate, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Grapefruit Extracts, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot Extract, Organic Amla Fruit Extract, Astaxanthin 3%, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin D3, Himalayan Pink Salt.

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