At Charmlee, we are committed to redefining the way you consume your supplements. Charmlee is a collection of three mood-enhancing supplements in beverage form. 

What separates Charmlee from other adaptogenic beverages is our potent blends that contain high doses of each ingredient, in order to feel the intention and purpose behind each product. Youth, Libido and Calm were mindfully curated using high-quality organic herbal medicinals, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals to optimize health and address particular concerns like premature aging, low sex drive and anxiety. 


As certified Integrative Health Practitioners, we understand that our brand is a reflection and an extension of us. Charmlee is rooted in the same values we observe in our personal lives. We respect and honor Eastern and Western medicine modalities, but we believe that true health is an integrative multidimensional journey that is unique to each individual. As we both have healed and continue to heal our bodies naturally, we deeply believe in a pathway to complete health through natural remedies. Inspired by Eastern practice, Charmlee was born in the spirit of natural herbal remedies.  We think it is important to highlight that we always produce in small batches to uphold the freshness and integrity of each ingredient; this also allows us to preserve our beverages naturally, with organic lemon juice. Everything produced by us will never contain any preservatives, natural flavors or artificial sweeteners, there is no added sugar, no added color, no gums or binders and no additives at all. We promise that everything on our ingredients lists will inspire you and always bring your body closer to optimal health. We hope you enjoy our delicious experience to consuming purpose driven supplements. 


Happy Sippin!